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XOBAUX Electric Penis Vacuum Pump Vibration Machine with 6 Suction 10 Vibrations with Sleeve for Men Enlargement

Your privacy is incredibly important to us, and we understand that you might not want others to know what you ordered. This is why all of our parcels are hermetically sealed and 100% discreet, we will ship your order in a plain cardboard box with no reference to Paloqueth at all. On the outside of the box there are no pictures or text pointing to the content of the shipment.
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Product Description

Pump with great power!
Vacuum physics is used to help erecti0n, and to enhance the ability of pen!s to withstand stimulation. To start your pleasure journey, long press the power button to start, and press the +/- button to switch the sucking level. To prevent excessive sucking, there is a button specially designed to relieve the pressure inside the cylinder. Your swollen shaft will be strongly appreciated!

6-pattern sucking plus 10-frequency vibrations
The pump comes with 6 different suction rates to assist in achieving full length. The tight o-ring sleeve makes it easy to keep the blood flowing for the required time to see benefits, and it also has the nice side-effect of preventing nearby areas from getting sucked in by accident. The release valve also works as well as you want it to, so there's no worries about things getting out of control. Due to the tightness of the o-ring, lube is a necessity to get a comfortable fit for your member, but that's not much of an issue as the toy comes with a free tube alongside a spare o-ring.

Realistic soft sleeve and internal passages
Transparent cylinder bridges a black handle with a powerful motor embedded and an ultra stretchy TPE sleeve which is heavily textured inside. The seal on the sleeve remains tight and intact at all times, so there’s no air leaking in. The v@gina shaped silicone sleeve is so soft and cushy, you can very comfortably complete an intense workout where blood is allowed to enter into every facet of your pen*s fully without a sore pubic bone in the process.

Easy to clean
Please wash the pump with warm water only. Soap can break down the silicone and cause your toy to become very sticky. To disinfect it, use rubbing alcohol after the toy has dried; it won’t damage your toy, and the alcohol dries quickly as well. When you’re done, put a 1/4 tsp of cornstarch in a seal able bag big, turn the silicone sleeve inside out, and put it in the bag to coat with the cornstarch. This will also prevent the pump’s sleeve from getting sticky, and will prolong the life of the toy.

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